Research Objectives

Research Training Vision

BioTrib will develop a unique, bioengineering-based, integrated approach to the development of early career researchers as future research and innovation leaders across interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral domains; this will deliver a step-change in the use of joint arthroplasty technology and their assessment as well as the exploitation of the technology and ideas generated within this ambitious programme.

The programme of research will deliver early stage researchers (ESRs) with the necessary technical and innovation training/experience to provide the much needed advances in the performance of both natural and artificial joints with a focus on biotribology, that is, friction, lubrication and wear in these implants. These researchers will gain the necessary subject-specific, intersectoral knowledge and the wider innovation skills demanded by industry with which to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to some of Europe’s most intractable healthcare problems. The career options for these researchers are wide-ranging including regulatory affairs, commercial R&D, management and policy as well as academia, all of which comprise a significant leadership and innovation component. These aims will be achieved by a unique combination of hands on research in leading research centres, industry secondments and wide-ranging workshops covering technical and transferable skills.