Dissemination and Exploitation

BioTrib uses different combinations of key messages, news of research advances, and developments in orthopedic technology through several channels in order to ensure the widest possible reach and exposure of the project to both technical and public audiences.

BioTrib will be keenly engaging in dissemination, communication and outreach activities. Academics, project partners, and ESRs will carry out activities to increase public awareness of the research work performed by BioTrib, along with the day-to-day significance of biomaterials, biotribology, joint implants, and medical technology issues and advancements.

The major scientific and technical achievements made within BioTrib’s workpackages will be published in this section where you can find academic publications, presentations, and public documents. Stay in the loop by visiting our Blog and following our various social medias for timely insightful updates into the research, routine activities, and wider context of BioTrib.

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Engaging with technical and public audiences to give insight into wider impact of BioTrib research activities and advances in medical device technology.

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A repository for selected lectures, research activities, and promotional material from BioTrib academics and ESRs.