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Women in Science: Elena Corner Piscopia, the First Woman to Graduate

The Italian Elena Lucrezia Corner Pisonia is the first woman in the world to graduate, as she entered her degree in Philosophy from the University of Padua on June 25, 1678. Born in Venice in 1646, Elena was the daughter of Giovanni Battista, that held the part of the alternate most important authority in the … Read more

Building a career during a pandemic

Many BioTrib Early Stage Researchers have had the added challenge of beginning their PhD during the Covid pandemic requiring them to rapidly adapt to new paradigms of remote and hybrid working.  Hannah Preston, Dr Helen Hughes and Dr Matthew Davis at Leeds University Business School have created a range of resources based on Helen’s research … Read more

Formnext global exhibition

Additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing has rapidly evolved since the 80’s and is now a major fabrication methodology for rapid prototyping of custom-made object [1]. Its benefits are applied in many fields such as medical, academic, aerospace, robotics and industrial machinery. 3D printing encompasses different technologies like stereolithography (SLA), fused deposition modeling (FDM) … Read more

Five Lessons For A Successful Engineering Career

BioTrib is comprised of fifteen Early Stage Researchers all located in substantial engineering groups within five european universities in the global 1%. Each ESR is pursuing a PhD and developing significant expertise in the fields of Tribology, Biomechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Polymer Science, Multifunctional Biomaterials and Materials Science. Following graduation from the BioTrib programme, our … Read more

Seasons Greetings from BioTrib

Seasons greetings from BioTrib. We wish you a very pleasant winter break and a happy new year! This concludes posting for 2021, we are looking forward to more novel and pioneering tribology and biomedical engineering research in the new year!

Research Showcase: Ada Lovelace

Celebrating women in STEM and their contributions to range of cutting edge research and innovation from Emmy Noether, whose theorem provides a link between symmetry and conservation laws, to Professor Gilbert who holds the Saïd Professorship of Vaccinology and is the lead developer of the Oxford AZ Vaccine. Read more on the contribution of early stage female researchers to current challenges in healthcare technology in the link below – a resource developed the early stage researchers at the Nu-Spine ETN.

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Nu-Spine Female Early Stage Researchers at Uppsala University, ETH Zurich and University of Leeds.