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Ben Clegg – Best Oral Presentation Prize

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of presenting and attending at the conference for the Swedish Society of Biomechanics in Stockholm. This was my first networking event outside the BioTrib consortium, so it was a great chance and experience to meet fellow colleagues working in the medical engineering field. The first day was … Read more

EFORT 2022

The European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) recently hosted its 23rd Congress in Lisbon, Portugal. This years main theme was Modern Patient Needs – Challenges and Solutions In Orthopaedics and Trauma. PhD student Rob Elkington along with NU-SPINE Early Stage Researchers Beril Yenigul and Kaushikk Iyer all attended to present their … Read more

Is perfect research a myth?

One question pops into my mind, is it possible to conduct perfect research? Then, I started reading some articles; one gripping article is presented here. Whether it is possible to conduct perfect research or not is a controversial topic. In 2005, Ioannidis wrote a paper titled “Why most published research findings are false” which is … Read more

Self-healing jelly – Revolutionary invention to treat Total Joint Replacements (TJR)

The Australian National University (ANU) have invented a new jelly material from hydrogel that can repair itself after it has been broken like human skin can. Although Hydrogels are very weak having higher water content, the special chemistry they engineered in the hydrogel made it so strong that can hold 1000 times higher load than … Read more

Stephen Ferguson, BioTrib lead at ETHZ, gains further recognition of his contribution to MSK science.

Further recognition for the inspirational work that our BioTrib colleague, Stephen Ferguson, undertakes in the field of MSK biomechanics – this time from the AO Research Institute at Davos.  The Berton Rahn Research Award was given for Stephen’s ground breaking work in the development of a new range of fibrous membranes that allows greater cellular … Read more

Highlight: International Womens Day

Celebrating women in BioTrib, medical engineering, and the wider STEM and their contributions to range of cutting edge research and innovation. This is a great article produced by the women in our community exploring building a career as a woman in engineering, women of impact, advice for their younger selves as well as breaking down misconceptions about working in engineering. Featuring interviews with Professor Cecilia Persson, Dr Lisa-Dionne Morris and Professor Isobel Pollock-Hulf – here!

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