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Implant Impressions Episode 1: Anne

Are you considering joint replacement surgery and want to hear firsthand accounts of the procedure? We recently had the pleasure of interviewing a joint replacement surgery patient (Anne, 85) to learn more about their experience and gain insight into their patient perspective. This video will offer a look into the subjective experience, thoughts and feelings … Read more

Self-driven Biomedical sensor: in situ wear debris from artificial hip joint

Header image adapted from Liu, 2021. Left: Working mechanism of the fabricated TENG. Right: The short-circuit current of the TENG with different debris sizes. Mechanically assisted corrosion of metal alloys in hip implants also releases solid particles as well as metal ions into the synovial fluid. Compared to metal ions/particles in blood particles at the … Read more

Role emotional and mental health support to help early recovery of hip replacement patients

Replacement of the human joints when diseased or damaged during trauma is an incredibly effective operation. Every year, orthopaedic surgeries effectively restore physical function and relieve pain for millions of Europeans. However, despite great surgical achievements and uniform pain alleviation after total joint replacement, there is still significant heterogeneity in functional progress after joint replacement. Besides, physical … Read more

Can you go surfing after a hip replacement?

High-impact sports are generally discouraged after surgery including surfing, Rugby, martial arts, and football due to significant risk of falling. In contrast, Golf, cycling, hiking, and swimming (avoid breaststroke) are all recommended as low-impact activities. There is lack of evidence available about surfing following hip resurfacing arthroplasty (HRA) or total hip arthroplasty (THA). Vanlommel et al. thus undertook a … Read more

Measurement of fluid film thickness in tribology

The measurement of film thickness is an important aspect in tribology, which is the study of friction, wear, and lubrication. The thickness of the lubricant film plays a crucial role in determining the lubrication regime of a system, and in turn, affects the friction and wear behavior of the system. There are several methods that … Read more

Highlight: International Womens Day

Celebrating women in BioTrib, medical engineering, and the wider STEM and their contributions to range of cutting edge research and innovation. This is a great article produced by the women in our community exploring building a career as a woman in engineering, women of impact, advice for their younger selves as well as breaking down misconceptions about working in engineering. Featuring interviews with Professor Cecilia Persson, Dr Lisa-Dionne Morris and Professor Isobel Pollock-Hulf – here!

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