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Tribology & Biotribology

Tribology could be considered the most interdisciplinary subject known compared with other engineering or physical science disciplines. Overall, it is related to Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, as well as Biology. Based on the Greek root “tribos”, meaning to rub, tribology is the study of surfaces that have relative motions. Tribological considerations, … Read more

Industrial secondment at SWERIM AB

Since August, Vidhiaza and Giulio have been going to SWERIM AB as part of their BioTrib secondment plans. SWERIM AB is an institute that conducts industrial research and metals development. They have a location in Stockholm, just an hour away by train from Uppsala. At SWERIM AB, Vidhiaza and Giulio conduct experiments with the powder … Read more

Filippo Ganna breaks the hour record on a 3D printed Pinarello bike

Header Image: 3D Printed Pinarello Bolide F HR 3D bike [1]. The ultimate benchmark for a cyclist, 60 minutes alone in a velodrome, suffering and draining any drop of energy left in the body. It’s the Hour record, the longest distance cycled in an hour from a stationary position. From 1876, when the American Frank … Read more

Degradation of a metal-on-polyethylene (MoP) hip prosthesis: Preclinical outcomes

According to NJR (2021) report, UK continues to have the largest use of metal on polymer (MoP) hip replacements. An increasing number of the prevalence of revision surgery caused by adverse local tissue reaction in MoP THRs has recently been reported which is 3.2% at a mean follow-up of over 10 years (Hussey and McGrory, … Read more

Industrial secondment at Evonik Industries AG

I recently had the opportunity to visit two Evonik Industries AG sites in Germany (Marl and Darmstadt) as part of my industrial secondment. Evonik is one of the world’s largest specialty chemical companies, with a diverse business portfolio. Evonik is also active in the medical industry, manufacturing high-performance plastics like Poly Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK) … Read more

Highlight: International Womens Day

Celebrating women in BioTrib, medical engineering, and the wider STEM and their contributions to range of cutting edge research and innovation. This is a great article produced by the women in our community exploring building a career as a woman in engineering, women of impact, advice for their younger selves as well as breaking down misconceptions about working in engineering. Featuring interviews with Professor Cecilia Persson, Dr Lisa-Dionne Morris and Professor Isobel Pollock-Hulf – here!

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