Gender Opportunities Committee

The Gender Opportunities (GO) committee will be made up of one member from each of the BioTrib beneficiaries along with two Early Stage Researcher representatives (to be determined after completion of BioTrib recruitment).

The BioTrib GO Committee will concern itself with all matters within the domain of gender equality as well as other protected characteristics such as ethnicity and orientation. The GO will meet on a quarterly basis and report to and take instructions from the supervisory board as well as liaising with the other subcommittees.

Activities will include:

  1.  Ensuring equality and impartiality during the ESR recruitment, progression and careers opportunities.
  2.  The provision and visibility of suitable role models for the ESRs and the wider researcher population.
  3.  Communication and education of good practice to the participating institutions more widely as well as inside BioTrib.

Details and activities of the GO Committee will appear on this page soon. Watch this space.