BioTrib DePuy Visit

DePuy Manufacturing was established in Indiana in the 1890s. Since then they have grown into one of the world’s leading companies in Orthopaedics.

BioTrib Early Stage Researchers recently took part in the “All about patients and networking” event in Leeds visiting DePuy Synthesis, the Orthopaedics Company now owned by Johnson & Johnson. It was a pleasure to see the excellent work done in Research & Innovation towards developing new advances in joint replacement along with many other orthopaedic medical devices.

During the visit, the BioTrib group gained a lot of insight into the latest advancements and technologies from Johnson & Johnson MedTech including the latest experimental and validation methods of 3D printing technologies as part of the next generation of patient custom interventions. There was a great overview of all the stages of product delivery, from designing, manufacturing, and testing innovative MedTech solutions.

The visit itself was an invaluble experience for the Early Stage Researchers to get an overview of how their research can be implemented in Industry, the wider scope of medical device engineering, as well as a good opportunity to expand their professional networks.



This article was written by Edona Hyla as part of an ongoing series of scientific communications written and curated by BioTrib’s Early Stage Researchers.

Edona’s research is focussing on Understanding the Nature, Origin and Degradation of Implant Debris at the University of Leeds, UK