Outreach program: Scifest 2023

SciFest is a science festival organized by Uppsala University (UU) and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The festival is filled with workshops, shows and scientific talks designed to inspire the love of science in young minds. The exhibitors include many departments from UU and SLU, companies, and the municipality. Although many of the exhibitions are designed for young students, SciFest welcomes all curious people, setting up an environment where anyone can get a glimpse into the world of science and research in a wide range of fields.

This year, SciFest took place over three days from September 21st to September 23rd. The first two days were dedicated to school students and their teachers. The festival was open to the general public on the third and final day, ensuring that the wider community could also partake in this experience.

As part of their commitment to public outreach and science communication, four BioTrib ESRs participated in SciFest. The booth featured by the BioTrib ESRs was titled ‘Unveiling the Power of 3D Printing in Medicine’. The booth displayed models of organs and body parts produced using various 3D printing techniques. This includes spine and heart models and prostheses such as dental and hip prostheses. The booth also had a 3D-printer (fused filament fabrication) running non-stop to print a model of human skull for the audience to see. These representations showcased the potential of 3D printing in biomedical applications. Furthermore, the ESRs also prepared cells and a microscope so the audience can see the appearance of the building blocks of life in person.

Throughout the event, the BioTrib ESRs engaged the public with a resounding passion for their research. Their involvement was not only to showcase their work, but also to share their own journeys into the world of research and to answer any questions about the possibilities of scientific careers. This event has undoubtedly given the BioTrib ESRs a chance to inspire future scientific minds.

For further details on the event, please check their website at https://www.scifest.se/

Credit to BioTrib Early Stage Researcher’s Giulio Cavaliere, Marie Moulin, Niccoló de Berardinis, and Vidhiaza Leviandhika!