Winner: Bioreactors and Growth Environments for Tissue Engineering

Mr. Manoj Rajankunte Mahadeshwara attended the course on ‘Bioreactors and Growth Environments for Tissue Engineering’ organized by Keele university. This interactive training course was spread across 2 days which targeted at postgraduate students (MSc and PhD) in industry and academia. Attendees were provided with a comprehensive understanding of the use of Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering. The course focused on bioreactors and growth environments for tissue engineering, covering bone, cartilage and connective tissues.

A bioreactor is a simulator that simulates the physiogical or pathological micro environment including physiological loading.

The winning BIOSYN reactor design for cartilage /osteoartis bioreactor.

He along with his team participated in the Bioreactor design challenge and has won the competition. His team designed the Bioreactor design for simulation of synovial joints – ‘BIOSYN’. This design was made to achieve three objectives which are:

  1. To investigate the cartilage-synovial fluid interface.
  2. To establish the effect of hydrostatic pressure of synovial fluid on cartilage/ tissue engineering construct
  3. To investigate how natural/artificial synovial fluid compositions affect cartilage (viability, differentiation status, etc.)


Manoj Rajankunte Mahadeshwara is currently a Tribos Erasmus joint Master’s student, pursuing a master’s in Tribology.

Manoj will be joining the University of Leeds in October 2022 for a PhD between the School of Dentistry and the Institute of Functional Surfaces (iFS) funded by a Bragg Centre for Materials Research PhD Scholarship.