ASMO-UK12 / ASMO-Europe1 / ISSMO Conference on Engineering Design Optimization

ASMO-UK12 / ASMO-Europe1 / ISSMO Conference on Engineering Design Optimization

University of Leeds, UK

Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 July 2022

Design optimisation is critical in maximising the performance of engineered products for specific requirements, such strategies have been successfully employed to increase aerodynamic efficiency by reducing drag acting on road vehicles (Figure above), reducing the mass of aircraft wing structures while maintaining stiffness, and reducing friction in mechanical bearings while maintaining continuous operation.

Any engineered product will be more effective through the outcomes of design optimisation by adjusting the system variables which define geometry, materials, or operating conditions. This can provide significant benefit through trading one characteristic against another and spans a range of engineering challenges.

For biotribological products design optimisation is a necessary consideration to ensure the long-lasting and effective integration in the human body. Join us for the ASMO-UK 2022 Conference on Engineering Design Optimization (learn more and register here) hosted by the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds on 18th – 19th July 2022, abstract submission and registration are now open. We look forward to seeing you at event!

Featured figure:  Design optimisation of a road vehicle to minimise aerodynamic drag