Industrial secondment at SWERIM AB

Since August, Vidhiaza and Giulio have been going to SWERIM AB as part of their BioTrib secondment plans. SWERIM AB is an institute that conducts industrial research and metals development. They have a location in Stockholm, just an hour away by train from Uppsala. At SWERIM AB, Vidhiaza and Giulio conduct experiments with the powder that they use for additive manufacturing. This brings a lot of synergy to their research as Uppsala University does not have the instruments to perform powder research.

Below, Vidhiaza is pictured with a spreadability tester in the SWERIM AB powder lab. This equipment can mimic the movement of a powder recoater that exists in an additive manufacturing machine to produce a layer of powder. Vidhiaza and Giulio use this machine to check and predict if their powder will be readily spreadable during the AM process, i.e., the powder produces a nice, dense layer.

Here Giulio is pictured with a setup for powder flowability measurements. SWERIM AB powder lab has different set ups for powder flowability according to different standards. Flowability is also an exciting and relevant powder property to AM process because it is directly related to how well an AM machine can dispense the powder.

Overall, the secondment at SWERIM AB has been very educative for Vidhiaza and Giulio, and it definitely enriches their research experience as BioTrib ESRs!


This article was written by Giulio Cavaliere as part of a series articles curated by BioTrib’s Early Stage Researchers.

Giulio Cavaliere is investigating Additively manufactured biodegradable alloys for bone replacement at Uppsala University, Sweden.




This article was written by Vidhiaza Leviandhika as part of an ongoing series of scientific communications written and curated by BioTrib’s Early Stage Researchers.

Vidhiaza is researching the Development of Development of 3D-printed gradient alloys for joint implant component at Uppsala University, Sweden