Wait, We Need a PhD in 3D Printing? Part 4: Printing Gels

A study done by Julia et al. proved the possibility of using multi-material direct ink printing (4D printing) technology to integrate magnetic nanoparticles with hydrogels. The contactless in-air control of motions like rolling, jumping, and bending is realised because of the interactions between magnetic and nonmagnetic hydrogels. The programmability of patterns of the multi-material also enables its future potential in soft robotics

Visit the original paper below to find out more!

Simińska-Stanny, Julia, et al. “4D printing of patterned multimaterial magnetic hydrogel actuators.” Additive Manufacturing 49 (2022): 102506.

Starfish 3D printed responsive hydrogels by Dr Ali Mohammed:

Image of Starfish shaped responsive Hydrogel reporoduced with permission from Dr Ali Mohammed

Another fantastic work of 3D printed responsive hydrogels by Dr Ali Mohammed!

The superparamagnetic starfish-shaped hydrogel can be used for magnetically simulated soft robotics and actuators.

Check out the videos to see the 3D printed ‘starfish’ moving responsively to the magnet:

This post was written by Esperanza Shi as part of an ongoing series of scientific communications written and curated by BioTrib’s Early Stage Researchers.

Esperanza is researching the Optimisation of Scanning Strategies for 3D Printed Artificial Joints at Imperial College London, UK.