Working in an international office

As a student from the U.K. I have minimal experience of working with people from different cultures. So moving to a new country in Sweden has provided me with new experiences.

Within my office alone, we are 3 nationalities (UK, Nepalese and Dutch) with the wider polymer group consisting of Russian German and Nepalese nationalities.

I find this really exciting as not only do you gain knowledge about the cultures but differences in academic approaches and problem solving, providing a diverse work environment that benefits everyone.

One of the most interesting aspects that I have learnt from is the education route for others, from international masters programs to those who studied in Luleå from the bachelor level.

Luleå as a city is a considerable distance away from each person’s hometown or original place of study. As such relocating is not simple or an easy feat. I believe that this is a small factor in the working environment of the group, as we all appreciate the effort, time and commitment that is needed to move to a completely different part of the world.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few months as a PhD student at LTU, and I’m looking forward to progressing alongside my new colleagues in the near future.

Header Image: Locations of original places of study in PhD group relative to Luleå

This article was written by Ben Clegg part of an ongoing series of scientific communications written and curated by BioTrib’s Early Stage Researchers.

Ben is researching the Wear particle characterization and bio-compatibility of newly 3D printed self-lubricating polymer composites in total joint replacements at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.